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Press Release


Friedrich Petzel Gallery and Marianne Boesky Gallery are pleased to announce" Real Stories II," a continuing collaboration of exhibitions in contemporary art from the late 1980's.

This exhibition, which combines the work of Jeff Koons, Fischli & Weiss, Reinhard Mucha, Thomas Struth, Philip Taaffe, and Franz West, seeks to explore a plurality of meanings revealed by contemporary artists. More specifically, the works chosen by these seven artists convey a convergence of reality and fantasy, conscious and unconscious. For example, the 47 photographs from 1988 by Thomas Struth collectively titled "Unconscious Places," capture the everyday truths of urban living that are often remote from conscious perception. Similarly, Fischli & Weiss' small installation of construction site materials transforms the mundane into the spectacular by meticulously reinventing the plainest of objects so that the experience of discovery is fantastical.

The galleries are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-6 pm. For further information or photographs, please call 212 334-9466 or 212 941-9888.

Friedrich Petzel Gallery
26 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013

Marianne Boesky Gallery
51 Greene Street
New York, NY 10013