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Defenester 2001 Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
82 x 78 inches

Fog Dog 2001

Fog Dog
Oil on canvas
72 x 64 inches

Misshit 2001 Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
85 x 100 inches

Mino-Vache 2001 Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
64 x 72 inches

Idio 2001 Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
85 x 90 inches

Press Release


Opening reception: Saturday, May 12, 6-8 pm

On Saturday May 12, Friedrich Petzel Gallery will open Idio, an exhibition of new paintings by Charline von Heyl. This will be von Heyl's third solo show at the gallery. The opening reception will be from 6-8 PM on the 12th.

This exhibition features von Heyl's most recent investigations into the possibilities of painting as a pure visual language. Densely colored surfaces with thick and rapid brushstrokes merge into large open planes. Fractured forms, spirals, overlays and washes combine with raucous color schemes to create a body of work that further challenges the realms of abstraction.

In Idio, a canvas, which dons the title of the show, a curvaceous, semi-figurative shape slides down a field of thick white paint. At the bottom of the canvas, heavy brushwork reemerges as if out of nowhere.

Another work, entitled Blue Rider, is composed entirely of frenetic, overlapping swatches of blue, red, orange and green. In several of these canvases, a thin overlay of glaze is applied creating a tension between the underlying depth of color and the flatness produced by the glaze.

Idio will be on view from May 12 through June 16. For further information, please contact the gallery at, or call (212) 680-9467.