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Ergot Records NYC hosts a record release event with Seth Price for his latest LP, ‘Coinos Driftos,’ issued by Galerie Gisela Captiain.

Seth Price’s ‘Coinos Driftos’ suite announces itself with the sound of a rolling coin—a punctuation repeated throughout the disc-before transporting the listener into a storm of harsh winds and distant bells. When the storm subsides, we find ourselves in a desolate field of stuttering electric harp and electronic sub-bass. The B-side re-emerges from a fog of gentle tones that soon give way to a clattering device of dropped coins and metallic noises, which in turn seems to evoke the arrival of a war machine—a glorious shower of high tones, full of Helmholtz sensations inside the ear, all just held in line by an erratic, slow bass—which resolves into a final, more personal, live recording moment. Seth Price made the music in 2023 by improvising three direct takes on the Arp synthesizer, bells and Nagoya electric harp, often playing two instruments at a time, with all signals routed through pedals and processors; these tracks were sequenced before the addition of the overdubbed bass and live recordings.

Seth Price - Coinos Driftos - Viewing Room - Petzel Gallery