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PAGE (NYC) at Petzel

Petzel is pleased to present PAGE (NYC), a collaboration with the Tribeca-based gallery. The exhibition debuts new works by Magnus Andersen, Ravi Jackson, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Dani Leder, Dana Lok, Leigh Ruple, Lauren Satlowski, Agnes Scherer, and Katja Seib. On view at Petzel’s Upper East side location, this presentation marks the first time Petzel has invited a New York gallery to organize an exhibition in one of its spaces.

Curated by Lucas Page, owner of PAGE (NYC), the show brings together a fresh mix of emerging voices from the international scene. Systematic approaches find poetic harmonies in the depiction of refined structures and figurative subject matter. Experiments in pictorial processes devise an extrasensory world with a range of surprising results and unexpected combinations. This group has grit and dynamism, making it happen here and now.

The works in the exhibition are a testament to the power and glamour of image. An array of graphic and painterly effects are both inventive and technical, producing an uncanny synthesis of supernatural energies. This group runs the spectrum of hyper visibility, each projecting a unique strain of juicy saturation. The infrared sensors and telekinetic pings jam the airwaves in this composite universe.

Magnus Andersen, Copenhagen Trilogy

Magnus Andersen

Copenhagen Trilogy


Oil and acrylic on canvas with artist's frame

56.5 x 57.25 inches

143.5 x 145.4 cm

Ravi Jackson, Untitled

Ravi Jackson



Acrylic, inkjet print, and doorstop on panel

21 x 18 inches

53.3 x 45.7 cm

Dani Leder, Bite, Bitte

Dani Leder

Bite, Bitte


Oil, acrylic, aluminum and copper leaf, graphite, and gesso on carved Corafoam board

48 x 48 inches

121.9 x 121.9 cm

Leigh Ruple, Summer Sky

Leigh Ruple

Summer Sky


Oil on canvas

66 x 72 inches

167.6 x 182.9 cm

Dana Lok, Resting Index

Dana Lok

Resting Index


Pastel on paper

20 x 20 inches

50.8 x 50.8 cm

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, The Making of Love

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

The Making of Love


Oil and embroidery on canvas with windshield wipers and mirrors

104 x 104 inches

264.2 x 264.2 cm

Lauren Satlowski, Total Dipshit

Lauren Satlowski

Total Dipshit


Oil on linen

40 x 30 inches

101.6 x 76.2 cm

Agnes Scherer, Enthusiasm

Agnes Scherer



Acrylic on canvas with painted frame

38.25 x 32 inches

97.2 x 81.3 cm

About PAGE (NYC)

PAGE (NYC) is located in Tribeca at 368 Broadway #511. The gallery was founded in 2016 by Lucas Page. The program shares a distinct focus on contemporary painting worldwide and producing original publications. Following the exhibition, a solo presentation by Leigh Ruple, her second with the gallery, opens Fall 2021 at PAGE (NYC).