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Charline von Heyl: Vacancy

Charline von Heyl’s Vacancy is a four-layer silkscreen print produced in collaboration with Rob Swainston and Kate McQuillen at the Prints of Darkness printshop in Long Island City. The screen-print employs two types of ink in order to create a distinct dichotomy between foreground and background. The pinkish background lays in a flat matte Speedball ink, whereas the thorny bars and the “stenciled” black spill sit up upon the page in variants of semi-gloss Jacquard Screen ink. In a trick of the eye, the white “tape” that appears to support the black spill is itself stenciled out – the white simply revealing the Arches 88 paper underneath. The edition of 100 was completed in 2018.

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Installation view, Charline von Heyl, Vacancy, 2018

Installation view, Charline von Heyl, Vacancy, 2018

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