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Robert Heinecken

Photographist: A 35 Year Retrospective

Robert Heinecken


This catalog was published in conjunction with the exhibition Robert Heinecken, Photographist: A Thirty-Five-Year Retrospective held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, October 1 - November 28, 1999

"'I Call It Teaching': Robert Heinecken's Analytical Facture" by A. D. Coleman
"Revised for Your Consideration: The Art of Robert Heinecken" by Lynne Warren
"Robert Heinecken: Alchemy of Form" by Susie Cohen
"Pictures Turned Inside Out: Robert Heinecken's Homemade Magazines" by David Pagel
"Relations: Some Work by Robert Heinecken" by Irene Borger

Published by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

© 1999 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

ISBN: 0-933856-53-9

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