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Raphaela Vogel


In this interview, Marie-France Rafael and the artist Raphaela Vogel probe the perennial question of form, asking: What is the relationship between form and time? In their conversation, Rafael and Vogel contemplate the potential of putting artistic mediums in dialogue with one another, proffering a new vision of what form can achieve.

Since the 2010s, the line between public and private, online and offline have increasingly become blurred by digitalization and social media. In contemporary art, digitality has assumed a new type of presence—no longer only as a virtual sphere of sociality, but increasingly as a technological interface that structures our embodied experiences. What is presented in an "exhibition"? And how should we write about the new types of post-digital images we are seeing (in them)?
In Passing Images: Art in the Post-Digital Age, Marie France Rafael provides an attempt to write with art, rather than just about it. Rafael aims to retrace the living spirit of art and the procedural-performative experience of art in her writing.