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Limited special edition of Keith Edmier, Mother Mold. 

Signed and numbered by the artist with a custom seal, special editions also include a card of the 50th and final lifecast self portrait of Edmier made on the exact minute of his 50th birthday and the day of the exhibition opening.

Special editions come in a set of 2 books: one first edition copy & one sealed and signed by the artist with the final card. 

Edition of 20. 


Keith Edmier Mother Mold, brings together the 50 unique life-cast portraits of the artist’s work, Imagines; inspired by ancient Roman life-casts of the same name. Stemming from his years in Hollywood working as a special effects make-up artist, Edmier’s cast portraits connect in intimate ways: they portray the artist’s family, friends, heroes, and influences. The connection to Hollywood turns the permanence and memorial of the life mask into a starting point for the transformation to come. Michael Jackson--becomes a teenage werewolf, Jeff Goldblum--The Fly, David Bowie--a New Wave vampire, and Matthew Barney--a well-groomed Satyr. As in all of Edmier’s work, one can find familiar identities and structures reshaped and transformed.

Each life-cast portrait is presented as a postcard; the reverse of which, written in Edmier’s own hand, provides interesting details about the individual casts. The set of postcards is presented in a hard-back ‘stone’ box-envelop, with white debossed text. 

Keith Edmier Mother Mold was created on the occasion of Edmier’s sixth solo show at Petzel, September 6th-November 4th, 2017.

Published by Petzel, New York.

© 2017 Petzel and Keith Edmier

ISBN: 978-0-9988381-1-3
8.25 x 6 inches, boxed
50 pages

Purchase  - $60