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Keith Edmier


Keith Edmier Mother Mold, brings together the 50 unique life-cast portraits of the artist’s work, Imagines; inspired by ancient Roman life-casts of the same name. Stemming from his years in Hollywood working as a special effects make-up artist, Edmier’s cast portraits connect in intimate ways: they portray the artist’s family, friends, heroes, and influences. The connection to Hollywood turns the permanence and memorial of the life mask into a starting point for the transformation to come. Michael Jackson--becomes a teenage werewolf, Jeff Goldblum-- The Fly, David Bowie--a New Wave vampire, and Matthew Barney--a well-groomed Satyr. As in all of Edmier’s work, one can find familiar identities and structures reshaped and transformed.

Each life-cast portrait is presented as a postcard; the reverse of which, written in Edmier’s own hand, provides interesting details about the individual casts. The set of postcards is presented in a hard-back ‘stone’ box-envelop, with white debossed text.

Keith Edmier Mother Mold was created on the occasion of Edmier’s sixth solo show at Petzel, September 6th-November 4th, 2017.

Published by Petzel, New York.

© 2017 Petzel and Keith Edmier

ISBN: 978-0-9988381-1-3
8.25 x 6 inches, boxed
50 pages