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Jorge Pardo

1997 exhibition catalogue Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago & Los Angeles

Jorge Pardo


This publication is co-published on the occasion of two exhibitions of the work of Jorge Pardo, organized by Amada Cruz at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, January 25-April 6, 1997 and by Ann Goldstein and Stacia Payne at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Summer 1997.

A beautiful catalogue designed by Pae White - this "book" takes form on several unbound sheets of paper which the reader can fold into boxes. Amanda Cruz's interview with Pardo and Ann Goldstein's essay "Almost Home," each printed over White's graphic designs, wind in, out and around these boxes. Similar to Pardo's own work, this catalogue combines artistic and functional design, offering the reader both a space to question the representation of linear thought by three dimensional objects and a space to store personal belongings. Shipped flat on a hippo-shaped cardboard slab that acts as a base for the boxes. 

1 set : color illustrations, cardboard ; 25.5 x 20 in., 65 x 52 cm.

Published by Chicago: MCA ; Los Angeles : MOCA, [1998]

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