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Fine Young Cannibals


Published on the occasion of Petzel's group exhibition Fine Young Cannibals, June 24 – August 5, 2016.

As divergent as these artists are (rarely exhibiting together), they engage the artifice of their paintings—all mechanisms, tools and attributes are laid bare in order to open up a relevant discourse on painting, abstract or representational, analog or digitally processed: what constitutes a painting today and how vital is that ‘painting-body’?

With text by Friedrich Petzel.

Participating Artists
Walead Beshty
Wade Guyton
Jacqueline Humphries
Martin Kippenberger  
Michael Krebber
Albert Oehlen
Laura Owens
Jorge Pardo 
Seth Price 
Pieter Schoolwerth 
Josh Smith
Rudolf Stingel
Cheyney Thompson
Kelley Walker 
Christopher Wool
Heimo Zobernig

© 2016 Petzel, New York