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Press Release

Curated by Jason Murison

Round 1: Joyce Pensato, Heimo Zobernig / Dec 1 - 12
Round 2: Keith Edmier, Matt Keegan, John Miller, Seth Price / Dec 16 – Jan 9
Round 3: Matthew Brannon, Anne Eastman, Jorge Pardo / Jan 13 – 30

Interim in Three Rounds is composed of three different exhibitions under one continual theme. Every two viewing weeks throughout the two-month time period (set aside time for a 10-day holiday break), the gallery will be reconfigured as simple guides to understanding the exhibition space itself. Taking positions of time, space, and light each round will examine the use of temporality either in an artwork's function or through its concept.

In round one, Heimo Zobernig's paravants are installed with five Joyce Pensato paintings. With a mnemonic funhouse feel, the installation emphasizes the fragmentation of the gallery space through the dialog of painting that both Zobernig and Pensato employ.

Zobernig's work often uses the painting as a defiant or obtrusive object. If one could imagine a formal grid painting come three-dimensional, the Zobernig paravants are intended to cut the gallery into a maze-like space. The paravant is constructed like a painting, each with slotted wooden stretchers and tightly bound linen, then hinged and erected standing upon its shorter side. Placed as obstacles they direct and obscure the viewer's sightlines to gallery walls.

Installed at a height above the normal, Pensato's five paintings loom slightly above the Zobernig paravent maze. Pensato's paintings are regularly of cartoon portraits, these in particular exude a claustrophobic quality as each face is zoomed upon and shoved up against the surface of the picture plane. In Lisa two pensive eyes peer from the abyss – in cartoon fashion – perpetually alone in the dark.

For further information, please contact the gallery at, or call (212) 680-9467.